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If the brand is also graded on a scale that is a hundred years old brand Louis Vuitton is definitely the brand. With suitcases, bags started to detonate a global brand boom in recent years, more established 'advanced leather products = LV Monogram' brand image. ? 1837, the young Louis Vuitton brave trek to Paris to pursue their dreams, but also seems to imply travel, adventure, courage LV throughout the centuries to become the brand spirit. Vuitton fabric using a unique production of leather goods for the nobility, and soon attracted attention, became the favorite travel aristocracy used brand. 1854 Vuitton opened its first store in Paris, travel leather goods, from a representative of high quality travel luggage brand was born. In 1896, Louis Vuitton's son George Louis Vuitton 2014 acronym devised to match the four patterns of 'Monogram' totem, become eternal LV logo and symbol. In 1914, LV opened its first store in large Champs Elysees in France, is the first major global trend of leather goods stores. ? Addition to luggage, leather goods and fashion, the innovative ideas of the century-old LV will step into other areas of fashion. 1998, invited the fashion industry big urchin Marc Jacobs at the helm, before continuing to lead this ship navigation. Marc from the United States, but he has a deep history of clothing, culture, roots and classical spirit fascinated. Marc design skills-oriented, he thought fashion people to be able to wear out the most practical, focusing on design details, a unique blend of personal insight, derived from the superior style of femininity. Classic luggage, bright and innovative bag, LV noble spirit and quality remain unchanged, but in Marc clever dress but for New Louis Vuitton Bags put a new face, closer to public life. Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (Takashi Myrakami) to his cartoon world subvert the LV, but also subvert the whole world, Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags encounter a great variety of fantastic colors reversed the people's visual impression. Leighton time, Takashi Murakami's laughing eyes, turned into flowers and signs appeared in various forms on LV goods. East meets West Classic brand abstract artists, this marriage of fashion and art was an unprecedented success. Takashi Murakami is quite fascinating for Marc Jacobs said he enjoyed the works of the dark side of Takashi Murakami joy beneath, both light and darkness is real life, but also to lead the direction of Marc Jacobs LV forward. ? Stunning bold ingenuity, no doubt, these new members will be housed in LV LV's historical archives, never occupied indelible place. But no matter how much LV branched out into the field, the introduction of many new products, LV or absolute LV - an epic myth of the fashion industry, the designer brand forever. lv bags launched by the height of people around the world are welcome to select a suitable lv bag, make our journey added a lot of color and charm, but also reflects our fashion sense. So how should we choose an appropriate set of Louis Vuitton Factory Outlet bag it? In the selection process, we should pay attention to what matters it? 1 First, look at the material lv bags launched shoulder bag bag generally dominated, the material can be divided into two kinds of leather and fabric. We choose lv bags, they can choose which one to determine the material, which one style and a style which usually based on personal preferences. For more assertive character of the people, we choose lv bags should be chosen when more casual style cloth Louis Vuitton Canvas bag, it gives the impression of more lively, but the material is also more wearable 2 Second, according to the desired size In addition, we consider what style options can also according to their wishes, we can add some small ornaments and small decorations on the bag, to highlight our youth and lively. And when selecting lv bags, which strap to select those relatively thick, so the way we travel, prolonged use of our Louis Vuitton Monogram bags will not appear on fatigue. If we are on the way to travel, carrying the little things more, for example, such as handheld computers, cd or tent small things, then we should choose a relatively large number of small pockets lv bags. 3 three, lv bag has a waterproof system a little longer, we need to consider waterproof bags, lv bags in the design, the design of the inner layer has a waterproof layer, so that when we are in wet weather or rain weather, our bags are not afraid of damp, but it will not affect our luggage inside the package. 4 Fourth, to maintain the correct mindset to buy lv bags on purchase skills through relevant content to know more, we can be purchased at the time of the relevant reference. Bring our beautiful lv bags, looking forward to embark on the journey of growing, with a relaxed mood, happy together starting right end from: Love Life Network (www.spzn123.com) - your life learning a good helper!

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